„Thanks to its performance based cost allocation, Greko offers our product managers a high level of transparency and helps them to quickly identify and counteract deviations.”

Mag. Heinrich Kräuter – Management Finances & Controlling Vienna

Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Chemie und Technik (ofi)




“It’s just a pleasure to work with Greko. Questions and answers find each other – with Greko, we can optimally map our information needs and generate only truly essential information for corporate management, all in a very comprehensible way. Flexibility and transparency are the distinguishing features of this tool.”

Mag. Arno Obrietan Branch Manager for the Commercial Sector at the AKM / Vienna

AKM Staatl. genehm. Ges. d. Autoren, Komponisten u. Musikverleger reg.Gen.mbH

We use Greko mainly to analyze the cost rates of the services we offer. Above all Greko delights  us with its exceptional flexibility.

Mag. Hannes Lechner,

Innsbrucker Soziale Dienste GmbH

Innsbrucker Soziale Dienste GmbH

“GREKO enabled us to clearly depict our business finances in its sub-areas.

This gives us a solid and sustainable basis to do our best in supporting corporate policy decisions.”

Dipl. Ing. Christian Stöger, PSA Payment Service Austria GmbH – Vienna

PSA Payment Service Austria GmbH