Strategic planning based on trustworthy numbers is the key requirement for us to make companies and organizations more successful.

Following this premise, we offer services, methods and tools. Professionally based, proven in practice. We act as a partner of corporate management, the management of all levels. Together, we can ensure that your business pursues, achieves and benefits as a whole.

Consulting & Coaching

Our consulting approach opens the door to hidden details as well as to the big picture. We work in an implementation-oriented manner and develop future perspectives.

You can expect that from us:

  • Determination of the status quo of the current strategy
  • Development and evaluation of strategic options for the future and decision-making about goals and strategies
  • Reviewing and implementing the chosen strategies through simulations and implementation projects.
  • Structuring, method equipment and moderation of the strategy process.
  • Impulses from an external point of view about simulations.
  • Coaching of project teams, managers and successors.

Company management

For strategic planning, business process management and controlling, apc experts with project experience in numerous industries are at your disposal.

As a responsible manager, you receive measurable results.

For example, from the analysis of existing processes in production, sales, administration, research and development, marketing, logistics, human resources and accounting.

You profit directly.

For example, through the targeted optimization of processes, through much better use of resources, by uncovering undesirable developments and errors, by reducing costs and avoiding costs, by establishing and consolidating methods and competencies.

What good is the process-compliant cost management?

The benefits of process compliant Resource Consumption Accounting are extremely diverse and tangible in every company or organization. How exactly, it depends on the situation, level of expansion and objectives.

Their most important task and effects are:

  • Calculation basis
  • Planning tool
  • SIV = cost truth
  • Vulnerability detection (SWOT)
  • Taking the right measures
  • Management tools for KST managers
  • Self-motivation
  • Basis for compensation
  • Basis for improvement (changes)
  • Tool for strategic decisions
  • Decision basis for products & markets
  • Core competence development “strategic investments”
  • Clear objectives (closed system)
  • Achievement of goals = highest motivation
  • Monthly measurement (recognition, …)
  • Strengthening the sense of responsibility
  • Consistent action tracking
  • Basis for business decisions