Module Sales Controlling

You start in Greko Sales controlling. Define binding targets for the employees of your sales department.

Throughout the year, sales employees collect the required actual data and enter them into the software in order to provide a meaningful target / actual comparison. This most directly indicates the acute deficits between planned and achieved sales.

They recognize customer-specific, regionally limited or seasonal optimization potential and measures to improve sales / turnover figures.

These initial evaluations by Greko Sales controlling are followed by a look into the relationship between requests for offers and offers for orders. In order to take advantage of this feature you should be collecting the required data in Greko throughout the year. The percentage consideration gives the valuable information on how many orders arose from a certain number of requests or offers. Thanks to that, you can determine across all sales departments where improvements must be made in the acquisition process and in the processing of inquiries in order to win more orders.

The Greko Sales controlling module also includes an ABC analysis of customers and products.

Optimize your sales figures based on professionally derived measures

With the module Greko Sales controlling you get a powerful tool to optimize distribution and sales.

Key figures for sales optimization:

  • Change in sales volumes per article
  • Sales quantities per product group, sales area, sales channel
  • Change of the product / market combination

In addition to classic sales planning based on sales, you can also carry out sales planning by quantities.

Your advantages:

  • You increase sales volumes and sales through targeted planning
  • You create a binding objective (provisioning from the CM)
  • You set measures based on comparison of planned/actual data