Holistic Corporate Management

The majority of the business owners knows that without a strategy no meaningful planning can be made. Therefore, the strategy development should always come first. At apc we support you in the development of your strategy.

Strategy development with system

“Empty heads, empty cash registers …”

  • Executives are under extreme pressure today. On the one hand, they have to implement strategic goals, on the other hand – respond to contradictory changes.
  • When it is the right time to deal with these questions?
  • How do you protect your business model from the outside threats and competition?
  • Can you visualize changes in the organization that can be understood by your employees?
  • How do you motivate employees to generate ideas for your business?
  • How complex or complicated is your business?
  • When and by what method do you start innovations in your business?
  • It would be wise to have a system with which you can get the employees into the strategy boat, wouldn’t it?

Strategy development with system along the 4 quadrants - counterclockwise

The success factor is how to interlock the strategic view with the view of the HOW (Q1 and Q2) and WHAT (Q3 and Q4). The strategic considerations are based on the 4 quadrants counterclockwise.

Q1: Vision: Where do we want to go? Q4: Employee potential
Q2: Value chain: Own production vs. purchase Q3: Business processes

Strategy implementation at the operational process & structure level (How)

Q1 Vision - Strategy
  • Initiating or procuring market and competition analysis
  • Evaluation of the product / market portfolio with regard to existing / new markets and existing / new products
  • Plausibility of strategic sales and yield goals of different product / market combinations
  • Valuation of alternative business models

Business monitoring of the strategy development (What)

Q4 Employee potential
  • Coordination between business processes, process organization and organizational structure in terms of product and area-related, project-related planning and monitoring
  • Based on the measures and goals personified in the Balanced Scorecard

Strategy implementation at the operational process & structure level (How)

Q2 Value chain
  • Analysis and assessment of the depth of the added value (make or buy)
  • Investigation of the cooperation needs / opportunities

Business monitoring of the strategy development (What)

Q3 Business processes
  • Definition and analysis of the business processes with an aim to minimize the interfaces
  • Optimization of the business processes and clarification of all the possible conflicting goals that may arise between the process participants