Greko self-implementation - save 80% of the cost

Greko is a software that supports you in the future with the activity based costing. However, you should always do project planning before in order to assure a successful implementation. This planning has the purpose of mapping tailor-made processes for your company.

Have you already analyzed your processes and identified all the cost centers and the cost units? Maybe even with a help of a business consultant specializing in activity based costing? Or do you or one of your employees own the necessary knowledge and experience? Then there are no obstacles for the self-implementation of the software!

Interactive, highly complex database and computational modules, which arose from collected, problem-specific consulting knowledge, enable you to carry out complete projects on your own. You achieve the project success independently and have the total overview at only 80% of the costs.

Apply Greko as a holistic business tool.

Can Greko replace a business consultant?

So far, management consulting has taken place on-site. With the help of the business consultants, projects are being scoped and implemented in the companies.

Business consultants work with structured tools and procedures. With the help of these guidelines, the consultant develops the structure and the course of the project. Based on our many years of experience, we have developed a form set that guides the inexperienced user intuitively through the project based on the basic data.

These standardized processes have emerged as the projects progressed, to master the complexity inherent in each organization.

Starting with the planning through the implementation to the preparation of the results, Greko leads you through the respective project thanks to the assistance of the checklist of the “workflow planning”. Detailed instructions and detailed descriptions provided alongside with the software ensure the project’s success.

Are the Greko tools easy to use?

The intuitive, ergonomic handling and clear structure makse it easy for even inexperienced users to get started – immediately and without any training.