Philosophy / Credo GmbH is an independent business consultant consisting of a network of independent specialists and experts.

Apc offers apc offers consulting, software and coaching for corporate management. Our focus is on strategic planning, operative planning and control, development and implementation of Greko’s process-compliant marginal plan costing system. Greko as a common thread for mastering the complexity of processes in your company.
Core competencies are strategic planning, business process management and controlling.

In doing so, we improve business processes, create the planning basis for success-oriented corporate development, recognize hidden inefficiencies and provide for the operational measures for continuous control and monitoring.

apc develops and sells the process-compliant controlling software Greko, one of the most advanced products on the market.

We implement the tools that are right for your company and organization according to precisely defined priorities and goals, and we continuously support you in optimizing your efforts.

We are not a brutal cost-cutter, the free capacities we will find we need to take time for the strategy development. Together with the employees, we want to develop a sense for your achievements and thus create the motivation for innovations.

apc always works in partnership, integrated and coordinated at all times. We are fully committed to the strict requirements of our industry and applicable quality guidelines.

We are a reliable partner. Our goal is sustained impact, which sets for you from a holistic perspective as more power, more income and success.