Module process calculation: Improvement of the costing statements

Attach a price tag to every process!

With the help of Greko you can track the “improvements of the costing statements” by the transparency of the individual cost centers / reference quantities in the calculation wonderfully.

It becomes easy for you, executives and employees to understand the performance and thus the real costs of a product or service in a structured and process-oriented way. Make a comparison between your conventional and a process-compliant calculation.

Because of the unrealistic calculations, many companies fail to recognize a price scope.

As a result, possible market share can be lost against the companies who can calculate the prices better.

Adjust the prices of your products to the real costs and win new customers!

In many cases the unprofitable products and services nicely counted in hidden losses are not detected. Identify the loss-generating products and services by using the Greko “process calculation” module and get rid of such practices. In addition, you can identify the best and the worst sellers in the actual data and the contribution calculation.

Discover inefficiencies by using the Greko process catalogue to optimize your business processes and to control the ever-increasing overheads.

An overview of the real costs will give you a completely new, valuable insights.

Viele Unternehmen müssen einen überproportionalen Anstieg der Gemeinkosten an den Gesamtkosten des Unternehmens feststellen

Reasons are:
  • increasing number of variants
  • growing administration tasks
  • smaller batch sizes
  • shorter product life cycles
  • intensive market cultivation & customer care
  • increased IT requirements
  • constant automation
resulting in the rise of the:
  • development costs
  • planning costs
  • control costs
  • handling costs & care costs

The process  does not take into account the fact that the real costs are not determined primarily by the value of an article or an order, but are dependent on a variety of other influencing factors.

Success factors
  • Number of articles / variants
  • Order sizes
  • Number of orders
  • Complexity of products
  • Customer requirements regarding delivery service / delivery times
  • Number of customers
  • Number of suppliers
  • Cost of order processing
  • Cost of production planning
  • Procurement costs
  • Cost of production control
  • Warehouse and inventory costs
  • Delivery costs
  • Credit protection association credit check / shipping costs
  • Admin / transport costs

The analysis of the influencing factors is the starting point of the process-compliant cost and performance calculation. The real cost dependencies are only partially  or not presented in the previous calculation. This leads to the misinformation about the cost and profit situation of the individual products and services, thus inevitably, to wrong decisions!

This is exactly where the communication with executives or cost center managers has to be improved.

You will be surprised how many incredible solutions your employees can develop!

How does „Greko costing“ work?

Completing the cost center planning and allocating it to cost centers (internal cost allocation) or orders, cost objects or projects, you can start with the process costing. The activity calculation background reminds of a  playground of the activity calculations in addition to the planning and account of actual cost of the entire company to act. In practice, the opportunity  portray all the products and all the processes (recipe).

In case of the Greko software, the information about the process organization in the form of costs becomes more transparent, what allows the responsible executives and the coworkers to observe where the savings potential and inefficiencies are located.

The highlight in the planning is the transfer at the touch of a button ...

The process costing for each product or service can be planned with the help of process costing / production planning at the push of a button.

The next step is to coordinate  the resources cost centers / reference quantities to do. An enormous relief in the planning. The only prerequisite is to conduct the planning process by the experts working at the company and / or the validation of the process costing with the actual values from the actual contribution accounting.