The most important Greko functions at a glance

Basic data

  • Company master data incl. organizational chart at department level
  • Operating calendar coordinated with the employee working hours

Master data

  • Cost centers: Establishment including hierarchical structures, responsible persons, several companies (up to 9 factories)
  • Cost types: Settings and assignments (groups, budget positions, CM areas)
  • Order data: Setting for all cost-bearing orders as detail structure for cost accounting
  • Basic data export to external systems (e.g. time recording)

Planning calendar

Comprehensive checklist for all planning areas:
  • Sales plan
  • Purchasing plan
  • Production plan
  • Human resources plan
  • Investment Plan
  • Work steps
  • Plan reference quantities
  • In-house services

Plausibility check

  • Avoiding mistakes
  • Based on many years of collected knowledge base, identified sources of errors and checks associated with them (comprehensive plan / actual data report)

Quide – Follow Me

  • Complete, visual and usable overview of the central tasks and processes.
  • Representing contexts and allowing direct access to the corresponding subareas.
  • Easily accessible, usable expertise

System settings

  • Multilingual for foreign subsidiaries
  • Each branch operates in its native language (German, English, Russian, Hungarian, Croatian)
  • User interface including all reports, currency conversion, technical settings

Operative planning

  • Planning based on quantities with cost center planning sheets
  • Setting planned cost rates
  • Internal cost allocation (activity based) including performance totals, period planning up to the complete master plan
  • Comprehensive setting options for allocation, e.g. for the variance allocations
  • Work step catalog for detailed planning based on task steps and personnel resources
  • Capacity planning

Detailed planning for

  • Investment
  • Rent
  • Leasing
  • Insurance
  • Licenses
  • Contracts
  • Personnel
  • Capital asset


  • Reference quantities
  • Cost types
  • Sales plan
  • Currencies
  • Business model

Planning workflow

  • Documenting completed steps and status


  • Management of the profit and loss account
  • Detailed plan
  • Capacity planning
  • Internal services
  • Excel export and re-import

Account of actual cost

  • Data import of the actual costs, actual revenues, actual services) and account of actual cost (plausibility check, job control)
  • Allocation lists ensures the link between daily work practice and costing
  • Voting via the balance list possible
  • Filter functions for rapid information retrieval from the master tables
  • Variance allocation, analysis and comprehensive variance reports
  • Target account of actual cost
  • Plan account of actual cost
  • Evaluations cost centers, cost units
  • Sales controlling, all compaction areas

Job Control (automatisation)

  • Controlling automated tasks such as monthly invoices, evaluations, reports, analyzes, etc. as well as automated dispatch to defined recipients

Management reports

  • Utilisation, employment,
  • Cost units, cost structure
  • Management profit and loss account
  • Budgeting

How can I puchase Greko?

  • Buy a Greko license
  • Download Greko from the website

How much does Greko cost?

Greko has a modular structure. In a joint discussion, you determine which modules you need. This results in the price then.

Please contact us:

Greko Hard & Software requirement

The following minimum requirements apply to the use of Greko:
  • Standard PC or Laptop
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Processor with 2.3 GHz clock frequency
  • 1 GB of free hard disk space
    • 100 MB for the program
    • 1 GB for the database
    • (The memory requirement for the database may increase)
  • 17 “monitor (resolution 1047 x 768)
  • Windows 10
  • MS Access 2016 (full version or runtime)
  • MS Excel 2016