On-going activity based costing with GREKO software

Have you already successfully introduced activity based costing in your company? Then the next step is to use it constantly for your planning and controlling.

Many companies use a conventional spreadsheet program for ongoing activity based costing. The disadvantage of this solution is that complicated formulas can produce errors. Moreover, the solution lacks a no separate assignment of rights for executives and employees.

Because of the above, we developed the activity based costing software GREKO in 1987. Since then, GREKO has been successfully deployed in 86 companies. GREKO makes complex processes transparent while being easy to use for all of the users.

The activity based costing software GREKO gives you the following advantages:

  • Calculating the planned cost rates along with the process chain
  • Monthly monitoring of the cost centers’ cost rates
  • Monthly planned / actual comparisons
  • Employment overview – development of the numbers of sub-processes
  • Gradual contribution accounting – of course freely designable
  • Standing orders for controlling the profitability of resources


  • By reference and cost centers
  • By cost objects contribution accounting
  • For sales
  • For the management

Simulation models:

  • Cost types simulation: How does the price increase of a material will affect the budget and the yield?
  • Process costs simulation: how do the process costs develop on the basis of bill of materials and work schedules?
  • Reference quantities simulation: How do the variable costs change when the output quantity changes?
  • Sales volumes / prices simulation: how profitable are individual orders? How sensible are volume discounts?
  • Sales and sales plan of a product mix simulation: what is the optimal product / market combination?
  • Full time equivalence (FTE) simulation: how do the capacities change according to the full-time employment equivalent?

How does the implementation of the software GREKO look like?


  • Software installation: The data is stored on your server, the program is being installed on your local PCs
  • Activating interfaces to your ERP software, financial accounting, BDE, WAWI, Excel etc.
  • Importing your customer data (data import from Excel, *.TXT, *.csv.): We are so flexible that we can process the existing numbers and number ranges of our clients from the beginning
  • Program training with complete know-how transfer


  • Monthly import of the current data for monthly settlement at the touch of a button – this is done by the user themselves
  • Simple coordination between accounting and financial accounting balances including the coordination between individual postings and balances
  • Plausibility check (incorrectly executed account assignments, cost tracings, etc.) by the program

Support & Service:

  • Service hotline (office hours)
  • Constantly adapting to the change of new solutions from Microsoft
  • Further development according to customer needs and new business developments
  • GREKO User Meeting – update of innovations and exchange of experience with other clients