Employee Productivity Coaching

Many managers complain that employees have no cost awareness and no self-responsibility. This is always connected with the lack of productivity. According to a study by Czipin Consulting, only 37 by 60 minutes of working time are used productively. The goal should be 51 minutes.

The reasons for low productivity are as follows:
  • In many cases there are no figures material for services and costs. Therefore there is no default system for the productivity analysis.
  • Employees have never been confronted with cost or performance figures. How often do the employees learn from the media that the company is bankrupt?
  • Especially young, inexperienced executives have to understand the processes and the requirements in their area. Only then can they plan and control the performance targets for their employees.

With the GREKO software and Employee Coaching to more cost awareness and productivity

  • With the help of the GREKO software, every cost center manager can and should independently experience the costs and benefits and influence them accordingly. They now know not only where the costs arise, but also what is causing such a rise!


  • The monthly planned flexible budget accounting shows the responsible employee exactly where the deviations between planned and actual cost rates arise. Unbelievable how many “aha” moments there are during any monthly meetings!


  • When deviations upwards appear, everyone helps to analyze where the problem lies. And now, in the sense of the cost-causer principle, you can set the right measures. It creates a real cost awareness.


  • The aim of the Coaching is also that all employees speak the same language in terms of the costs.

How does our Employee Productivity Coaching work?

Our Employee Productivity Coaching is based on workshops. These workshops are initially held monthly, then quarterly, semi-annually, annually. All the cost center managers and the management participate t in the workshops that usually take about 4 hours. We take over the moderation and technical inputs.